It’s “Reading Day”.

Today is what is known as “reading day” on the campus.  What does that mean? There are no classes.  It’s a break for us students.  What it really means, is “Here’s a day for you to spend knee deep in textbooks, freaking out about your upcoming exams in the morning.  Good luck with that.”   I swear, I have yet to have a true “break” from class.  Spring break?  That had the huge test waiting for me the day after.  Reading day?  Welcome to Finals.  I’m wondering if I will actually get to come off the ledge for a few after tomorrow – before my second semester starts.  Maybe… just maybe.  Although, we have a meeting with our second semester instructors tomorrow after the final – I am sure they will have some assigned reading material for us to take home over the next two weeks.  *bangs head on desk*.

Break… What’s a break?


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