This thing weighs a TON.

So this is my book for the summer.  From this picture, you can’t tell that I will need a trolley cart to push this thing around campus.  This might very well be the biggest book ever written. To it’s credit, it is two books in one. The first half is Labor and Delivery, and the second half is Pediatrics.  You know it’s a bad ass book when your professor gives you the name of a business that can break the binding and make it easier to deal with.  This thing is a BEAST!  Not to mention an EXPENSIVE  BEAST!

I don’t have much to blog about since school is out for a couple of weeks.  It’s sad… I am so used to being in class that when I don’t have class I just sit around feeling like I’m forgetting something. Like class.  LOL!!  I should try to enjoy what’s left of my vacation because hell starts sooner rather than later.  Here’s to Pediatrics.  *bangs head on 75 pound book*



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3 responses to “Books.

  1. LOL! That’s the one thing I am not looking forward to in nursing school….the big heavy books!

    Go out and enjoy your few weeks off girl!!

  2. I’ll take you on…head to head.

    My med-surg book is to big I absolutely refuse to ever take it to school. In fact it is so big that it gets more use as a foot stool than a fount of knowledge.

    • katinthesaddle

      I dread the Med/Surg book. It comes home to live with me for the fall semester. I think mine comes with a complimentary back brace? LOL

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