Why do pediatric nurses need to like kids?

This was actually a search term that someone typed in to land on my blog.  I think if you have to ask the question, this field is probably not the right one for you.

The one thing pediatric nursing has the most of? Kids. Lots and lots of kids.




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3 responses to “Why do pediatric nurses need to like kids?

  1. That is a totally crazy question. I wonder what they meant about liking kids though. Many people have different versions of what exactly “liking” means I guess.

    For example, I do not go out of my way to look at new babies, I am not really fond of other people’s bratty kids, and when I go to a restaurant or a movie I don’t want to listen to screaming kids or see them running around crazy.

    But I love my job and have a great time while I am there, even though it is tiring some nights. Even though when I started nursing school I was adamant about not wanting to work Peds.

    The best reward was this though, ” Can you come everyday? It’s not fun here on days you don’t come.” awww pull at the heart strings why don’t ya.

  2. I love my job as a peadiatric nurse. I like children… BUT… only for a few hours a day… when i go out for a meal or a walk in the park or even just catching a bus, I am not a big fan of kids… I do not go out of m way to see my friends kids or play with them. Still, I love looking after other peoples kids…

  3. Just found your blog and like it! This one made me laugh! I wrote a post not too long ago on funny things people have googled and found my blog…but this one is just ridiculous in a whole different way!

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