The date has been set, and the review is in full force! Things I am utilizing to ensure that I pass NCLEX on the first try:


Hurst Review
LIVE and ONLINE Packages!


Exam Cram – RN, 3rd Edition
Publisher: Pearson

This one was recommended to me by one of my mentors at the school. She swears to me that it is one of the best NCLEX prep books on the market today. I will review more in depth when I have a chance to really evaluate it. It’s been ordered, and I plan to devote a LOT of time to it this summer.


NCLEX RN Quiz Cards
Cost: $2.99

This is a great little app, and affordable! Tons of exam questions, broken down into categories. Each quiz keeps score and lets you know how you are performing (in regards to passing!) For the cost, it’s definitely a must buy for any nursing student with an Ipad. Also available for the iPhone!


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