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I survived summer semester!

It’s OVER!

I finished up today…. we had our cumulative final in OB nursing.  We had an extra credit opportunity (we had to write a short paper on a film about culture in childbirth/rearing) to earn 5 points, so factoring that in I managed to pull off a 100 on the final!  🙂

The huge sense of relief I felt finishing up that class today – I can’t even begin to describe it.  I have worked my tail off this summer, and it’s been HARD.  I hate summer semester as a rule – it’s just so fast and everything is so condensed.  BUT – I managed to pull it off.

I now have a two week break where I can put the books away and enjoy the time off before fall semester starts.  I plan on enjoying every minute of it!

I will say, I will miss OB.  I didn’t enjoy the clinicals so much, but of all the professors I have had so far – this one was by far the best.  Lectures were entertaining, engaging, and I actually enjoyed them. 🙂 That is hard to accomplish when you are talking about 4 hours of lecture every week, you know?  I hope that I am that lucky with my next professor.

Bring on Adult I!!!


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Goodbye 4.0, Hello OB

I finished up the semester with an A-.  Needless to say, I wasn’t happy about that grade at all…. had a hard time on the final!  Ugh.  It wasn’t a great way to end the class, but it was fitting.  Pediatrics was one of those classes that I LOVED THE CLINICALS SO MUCH – but hated the class.  The lectures were rough, the material presented flat, and the tests were frustrating.  My final had material on it (it was a cumulative final) that we never once discussed in class or read over in the book.  Heck, there were a few questions on that final that weren’t even IN the book to review!  It definitely frustrated my type A personality.  However, I finished the class with a 3.7, so I shouldn’t complain.  Maybe now that the 4.0 is gone (I mean, there is no getting it back, right?) I can start to relax with the perfectionism!!  Hahaha, yeah right.

I’m actually curious to see how many we lost between the end of pediatrics and the start of OB.  I have a bad feeling that pediatrics separated some men from the boys, if you know what I mean.  I know a lot of people are crappy test takers – which is unfortunate, because there are some that are struggling that would still make great nurses! And there are ones that are succeeding with flying colors that WON’T. (I’m not one of them of course…. Hahahahaha)  You know what I mean, though? Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that we are forced to take these tests and our futures rely on the 77 or better.  It’s enough to give people ulcers.  OF COURSE I want my  nurses to be smart and skilled, but truly – I know people who KNOW the material, who are AWESOME in the clinical setting, and they are struggling with the tests.

We’ll know how many of us are gone tomorrow, I guess.

We are already down to less than 60 before the start of summer session!

Anyway, tomorrow begins the start of OB.  I’m looking forward to it!! It will be a different change of scenery anyway, right? 🙂 And another one checked off the list.  In the fall I start my Adult Complex classes.  I’m actually REALLY excited about those. I LIKED working on the Med/Surg floor. I’m weird like that.  (However, the feeling on the peds floor was COMPLETELY different – calmer, and less stress filled for the nurses/techs!)


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1 semester down, 4 more to go!

I finished off my semester today.  Fundamentals is FINISHED!!!

I was nervous sitting down to take the final. You see, I’m Type A.  I had already averaged out every possibility, down to the lowest grade I could and still pass the class with a 77%.  I took almost every bit of the two hours allotted to us… I checked, double checked, and triple checked my answers.  I looked over my scantron sheet three times for any stray marks. I made sure that my bubbles were all filled in correctly.

I ended the semester with a 91% on my final – bringing my final GPA to right at 94%!!

Now I get a couple of weeks off before I start getting my butt whipped over the summer. Pediatrics, here I come!


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