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Healthcare for the Healthy

That’s truly what Labor and Delivery is.  Most of these women that are in the hospital having babies are HEALTHY women! It’s a different kind of nursing to say the least.  You don’t want to make them sick, you don’t want to even infer to them that they ARE sick – because childbirth is a pretty natural state.  It’s kind of a shame the way we have medicalized (is that a word?) it, and I wonder if at the end of the day our numbers of mortality are any different because of our health care.  That being said, for a geek like me — it’s an interesting field.  I could sit for a few hours at a time and just watch the monitors!  Life in the uterus is fascinating.  The entire thing from start to finish truly is a miracle.

I was able to see two babies born – one by cesarean and one vaginally.  It’s just amazing.  One minute there is one and in a split second (and lots of blood and glory! LOL) there are two.  Both babies I saw came into the world screaming and happy…. it was a wonderful sound, that first angry baby cry.

I know this is a short blog, but I really don’t have that much to say about this week because it just wasn’t my week.  I didn’t like it. *shrug*  Does that make me a horrible person? I can’t imagine working in that environment.  I truly didn’t enjoy it one second I was there.  I though that I might, because like I said before – the technical part of it really fascinates me.  I love lecture, and I find myself really enjoying the *science* part of it. But the medical part of it? Not so much.  She did tell us on that first day of theory — this is a field you will love and HAVE to work in, or this is a field that you will just simply have to survive this rotation.  I see myself surviving right now.

This coming week, I’m in Women’s Special – so these are women who are hospitalized with complications in their pregnancy, pretty much.  I think I will like this week better than last week (I’m weird), but we’ll see.  Then I’m in Post Partum/Newborn nursery, and then I’m  up on the plain old Gyny floor, which I bet I will like the most of all – because I will be taking care of patients and not healthy mothers and babies. 😀

BTW – disclaimer – I know not all births are healthy and I know they all don’t end up with happy endings. To be honest, I never want to lay eyes on that part of labor and delivery!  A friend of mine who has worked on the floor (and no longer does!) said to me… “Kat, it is the happiest place on earth when it’s happy, and when it’s sad? It’s absolutely tragic.”

I bet.  😦


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Where have I been?

Knee deep in OB, that’s where!

The second half of summer semester has begun.  These short sessions start out doing what they call “front loading”… it’s where they keep you in a classroom for an obscene amount of time, pump you full of more knowledge than you ever thought possible, and then test you on it.  The reasoning is so when you get into the hospital, you sound like you know what the hell you are talking about.  I guess that’s a good thing, but it truly does make for a boring couple of weeks! I just spent the last six days in my Maternity book, and this weekend is seriously the first time I have been able to come up for air.  I’ve already had two exams!!  Crazy.  I start hospital clinicals this coming week, and I’m excited!

I’m doing pretty well so far in the class, but I can’t tell yet if I’m going to like OB or if it’s going to be one of those places that I just have to survive.  It’s just a lot of vagina.  LOL!

You know though, I can’t imagine watching babies being born would ever get old.  I cry every time I watch one , or heck  – even hear about it! We were talking about birth in the class this past week, and the birth stories were enough to tear me up.

It’s a good thing they have decided it’s ok for a nurse to show emotion in the work place now. 😀

I’ll fill you all in on my clinical when it happens.  On Wednesday I’ll be in the sim lab (Hooray! Robot Babies!), and then on Thursday I will be with the laboring/birthing moms! Can’t wait!

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This thing weighs a TON.

So this is my book for the summer.  From this picture, you can’t tell that I will need a trolley cart to push this thing around campus.  This might very well be the biggest book ever written. To it’s credit, it is two books in one. The first half is Labor and Delivery, and the second half is Pediatrics.  You know it’s a bad ass book when your professor gives you the name of a business that can break the binding and make it easier to deal with.  This thing is a BEAST!  Not to mention an EXPENSIVE  BEAST!

I don’t have much to blog about since school is out for a couple of weeks.  It’s sad… I am so used to being in class that when I don’t have class I just sit around feeling like I’m forgetting something. Like class.  LOL!!  I should try to enjoy what’s left of my vacation because hell starts sooner rather than later.  Here’s to Pediatrics.  *bangs head on 75 pound book*


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Code Pink

I was just thinking about this the other day… and I am still giggling about it. Sometimes, I think – technology sneaks up on us and ends up smacking some of us across the head with a big stick.  When I had my babies (the last one almost 7 years ago! EEEK), we had the good old fashioned “wristband” security.  The nurses wouldn’t give the baby to anyone that didn’t have a matching wristband.  It seemed to work ok… I mean, you never saw a huge plethora of baby snatchings from hospitals on the news.  Nowadays though, these little newborns have sensor tags ziptied to their brand new wrinkly selves – and when grandma takes the whiny infant for a bounce down the hall, they end up locking down the entire hospital with  a “CODE PINK”.  While we were in Clinicals on Friday, this happened not once – but TWICE – in the six hours I was there.  I was told by my instructors that if a code pink is ever called while we are on shift, we are supposed to head straight to the exit doors on our floor and watch for the bad baby snatchers.  When this first code pink was called…. all of us first semester nursing students stood there with this aghast look of “OMG A CHILD ABDUCTION” on our faces, but the nurses on our floor had not a single change in demeanor.  In fact, not one of them went to an exit door to look for the perp.   I guess logic had the best of them – after all, we were on the fourth floor and L&D is down on the second floor – so odds are a babysnatcher would run down and out, not up.  When the alarm rang again only a few hours later, it became apparent to all of us that Code Pinks might just be a giant pain in our collective asses.

Grandma!  Put down the baby!  You can’t take him down to the cafeteria anymore! It’s 2010!


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