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Tiny Angels

I spent the day today working among some of the best people in this business.  NICU nurses.  I’m not sure how they do it day after day after day.  So many sad stories to tell, so many UNhappy endings.  When it’s happy, it’s happy. When it’s sad, it’s just tragic.  I saw a baby today that was as big as my hand…. with paper thin skin and a list of problems that would make any care plan easily 26 pages.  Such tiny little beings, with such fragile little bodies!

The NICU is truly an amazing place.  It’s a room full of medical miracles that even a decade ago wouldn’t have had the happy endings that they do now.  There are million dollar machines that work in amazing ways to keep these babies alive.  It’s a place that will make you appreciate the real strides that medicine has taken!

These nurses have their work down to an art.  The teamwork on this unit beats anything I have ever seen.  Everyone knows everyone else.  The neonatologist works closely with the nurses.  The respiratory therapist is down the hall.  There is always a nurse practitioner.  Rounds is a huge group effort where everyone contributes.  Nurses seem to have a voice in the NICU that is sometimes overshadowed in other parts of the hospital.  The NICU seems to have it’s on heartbeat… it’s a thriving, busy place – but at the same time, it’s not unusual to see a nurse snuggled up with a little guy getting his 11 o’clock feeding either.

I enjoyed my time there. I’ll be there again tomorrow as well! I learned a lot (thanks to a great clinical instructor), and look forward to another day there.  I don’t think this is where my “calling” is going to be, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have a great time playing with all those tiny angels!



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