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Where I want to work…

When you start working in the hospitals… on the floors, here and there… you start to get a sense of where you “belong”.  There are so many places, so many specialities.  And I will admit, there is something special about every place I have worked. I truly adore Med/Surg.  I love seeing so much.  Learning so much.  Taking care of post op patients give you so many opportunities to learn new things and use all your handy dandy nursing interventions.  However, back over the summer I worked a term at the local Children’s Hospital (on a med/surg floor, actually!)  and my time there was so special.  There is something to be said of feeling a sense of “belonging” in your work.  I find it funny because when I started nursing school the last thing I ever thought I would want to do was work with children.  But it took me less than 6 weeks to change my mind.

Maybe it has something to do with being on the other side.  I am the mother to an asthmatic, and I have spent many an hour playing the “worried mom” role by a hospital bed, watching my kid get breathing treatment after breathing treatment.  I have had the good nurses, and I have had the bad nurses in these situations…. and they make a difference.  Pediatrics isn’t just about patient care. It’s about FAMILY care.  That worried mom is your biggest ally and your biggest enemy at the same time.  She can be the greatest source of help and information – or she can be your greatest pain in the ass if you don’t play your cards right.  It’s a balancing act. But I have been that worried mom – so maybe it’s why when I had a mom that lashed out over the summer, or the mom that was less than enthusiastic about having a “student” nurse…. I understood where they were coming from.  I had been there in their shoes.

I had some of the most remarkable experiences working in Pediatrics this summer. I really did. I saw how a nurse can be that fine strand that holds that worried mom together.  I was that nurse this summer…. and it was easy for me.  I fell into a pattern of hugging families, of loving these kids that weren’t mine that I only cared for for two days at a time (in clinical, that was our shift).  I saw so many sad things…. but these sad things inspired me.  To be a better nurse.  To be what these families needed.  To be a bright light.

I know it sounds completely corny.  Believe me, it sounds corny even to me.  But when I left that floor on my last day of clinical – I felt overwhelming sadness.  I never expected to love it like I did (like I do!!).  I really didn’t.  I figured with three kids at home – why would I want to go to work every day and take care of MORE kids? 🙂

I know I will work in pediatrics again.  I know it, because it is what I am *meant* to do.  I am a pediatric nurse in the making!!

I have an incredible opportunity on the horizon.  On Monday I have a job interview at that same hospital…. for a tech position.  A tech’s work isn’t glamorous.  It’s hard work, for little pay.  But for me? It’s an opportunity to get back in there and take care of these kids.  I spend all my time working on adults now, and while they are fascinating… the work doesn’t have that same *spark* for me. 🙂  Bring on the kiddos.

So, wish me luck. I need my pediatrics fix to tide me over until I can get in there as an RN. 🙂


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First Day of Pediatrics

I think I will survive. 🙂

The thing with summer semesters, is that there is an obscene amount of information all crammed into just 13 weeks.  What makes MY summer session even TOUGHER, is that I take TWO classes back to back in the summer, which means they each just last a little over 6 weeks.  I am taking a full course, including all 90 hours of clinical that are required by law, in 6 weeks.  Nuts.  It’s very daunting, I won’t lie… but it’s doable. I can do this.  It’s just the next stop on the ladder.

Tomorrow is my first day of clinical. This week, we won’t be in the hospital – we are just being bombarded with information in the classrooms. Next week, I start my actual clinical rotations.  First stop – a doctor’s office. FUN!  And then I’ll be in the NICU. It’ll be an experience regardless. I’m looking forward to it.  Hopefully I will have some interesting things to blog about.

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