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I survived summer semester!

It’s OVER!

I finished up today…. we had our cumulative final in OB nursing.  We had an extra credit opportunity (we had to write a short paper on a film about culture in childbirth/rearing) to earn 5 points, so factoring that in I managed to pull off a 100 on the final!  🙂

The huge sense of relief I felt finishing up that class today – I can’t even begin to describe it.  I have worked my tail off this summer, and it’s been HARD.  I hate summer semester as a rule – it’s just so fast and everything is so condensed.  BUT – I managed to pull it off.

I now have a two week break where I can put the books away and enjoy the time off before fall semester starts.  I plan on enjoying every minute of it!

I will say, I will miss OB.  I didn’t enjoy the clinicals so much, but of all the professors I have had so far – this one was by far the best.  Lectures were entertaining, engaging, and I actually enjoyed them. 🙂 That is hard to accomplish when you are talking about 4 hours of lecture every week, you know?  I hope that I am that lucky with my next professor.

Bring on Adult I!!!


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