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Time for Perioperative Care

YAY!  Tomorrow is my first day in the OR.  Because I am a sadist, I volunteered for one of the “early” slots in the schedule. Little did I know that the “early” slot would mean arriving at the hospital at 5:30am.  Wowsers.  That means I have to leave my house at 4:30. I’ll live….

I truly can’t wait.  I am fascinated by surgery, and the human body.

We had a nurse come in and talk to us about all the wonderful things that we could do if we should happen to choose the perioperative speciality – and she was hardcore recruiting.  I hate to break it to her, but she made it sound super dull. As much as I love the thought of looking at the inside of people every now and again, I think that the kind of nursing I want to do really involves direct patient care, and that will be harder to attain when said patient is unconcious on an operating table.  I enjoy patient care! I like getting to know my patients and their families.  So I have mentally scratched off this field off the list of places I might want to work in the hospital.

That does not, however, mean I will not completely love being immersed in surgery tomorrow.  EEEEEE!


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