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Crossing things off the list.

So my OR experience shed light on my career path.  I’m not a fan of the OR.  Surgery? Yes. I love surgery. It was completely bad ass and I would definitely like to spend time in the OR on occasion just to be nosey.  But I can’t imagine my nursing career being limited to that.  We were assigned a patient in preop, followed thru into surgery, and then into post op…. and it was just so… impersonal for lack of a better term.  I have really enjoyed my time on the med surg floor – meeting patients, getting to know them somewhat, meeting their families.  In the OR, the majority of time you spend with your patient you spend with them completely asleep to the world.  I just don’t think it’s up  my alley.  I’m not nearly that technical and analytical either. I think having to count the sponges more than once might make my head explode.

However, watching the OR team work together was definitely an experience.  It’s like a well oiled machine in there.  I wish that the floor nurses could get that kind of team work going on in their units…. patient care would skyrocket.  The techs worked with the nurses and the nurses worked with the surgeons, and everyone was like a big happy family.  I did envy that environment.

I can’t believe that my first semester of nursing is almost over.  It’s balls to the wall from here on out though – exams and finals and summatives.  I’m ready to move on to the next class though – Pediatrics!


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Time for Perioperative Care

YAY!  Tomorrow is my first day in the OR.  Because I am a sadist, I volunteered for one of the “early” slots in the schedule. Little did I know that the “early” slot would mean arriving at the hospital at 5:30am.  Wowsers.  That means I have to leave my house at 4:30. I’ll live….

I truly can’t wait.  I am fascinated by surgery, and the human body.

We had a nurse come in and talk to us about all the wonderful things that we could do if we should happen to choose the perioperative speciality – and she was hardcore recruiting.  I hate to break it to her, but she made it sound super dull. As much as I love the thought of looking at the inside of people every now and again, I think that the kind of nursing I want to do really involves direct patient care, and that will be harder to attain when said patient is unconcious on an operating table.  I enjoy patient care! I like getting to know my patients and their families.  So I have mentally scratched off this field off the list of places I might want to work in the hospital.

That does not, however, mean I will not completely love being immersed in surgery tomorrow.  EEEEEE!

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