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The Final Nursing Exam

For two years, I’ve been studying.  Working hard.  Reviewing material. Memorizing lab values. Taking exam after exam. Studying rationale after rationale for those aggravating questions that just never made sense.  It’s been one annoying nursing test after another, and it’s all come down to this.

It’s NCLEX time.

I have my test date scheduled, and now I’m just taking it one day at a time… reviewing the material, and taking practice exams.  I’m trying to keep my preparation activities all low stress, because honestly – what will freaking out do at this point? I have worked my tail off for the past two years in preparation for this moment. I have spent the last twenty four MONTHS studying for  the NCLEX.

I will never be more motivated to pass this exam than I RIGHT NOW.

I’m ready to change the title of this blog…. hopefully in the next couple of weeks this blog will be simply: JUST CALL ME NURSE.  🙂 It will feel good to finally drop the “Eventually”!

To all of my fellow nursing students that have traveled this long road with me… don’t stop the momentum yet!





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