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Slowly hacking my way thru….

Summer semester has really been an eye opening experience.  Even on my “breaks” I don’t have a break. I am continually sitting around with my nose in a book, studying for yet another exam (they are back to back this time of year), or on the computer typing up classwork, research, clinical incidences… you name it.  The lecture days are LONG, and the clinical days are longer.  At least I enjoy the clinicals. 🙂  I often wonder if I will ever get over that feeling? Every time I set foot on a hospital unit, I just feel like a superstar. LOL!! I know that sounds silly, but I love it. I love the patient care, I love meeting people…. I love learning how things work, and LEARNING from the pros.  The nurses on the unit are my heroes!  It’s great when you get a really good nurse who WANTS to teach, and wants you to learn.  You can sit in lecture for 12 hours and not learn what you can in an hour from a fantastic floor nurse.

Last week I didn’t get that superstar moment. 😦  Instead, it was my turn in the sim lab and then we spent a day at a Child Development Center observing child development.  I kind of felt like that one was redundant for me… I’m a mom to three, every day is a study in child development at my house.  The sim lab was fun though… I really love it in there. It’s nice to know that you are learning from the best and you can’t kill anyone if you make a wrong decision. 😀  I haven’t killed one of my robot friends yet, so I give myself props!!!

This week I will be in the Children’s Hospital and I can’t wait… you know, I used to think I would hate pediatrics.  Now I am wondering if I might not LOVE it.  It’s a love hate relationship.  I’m interested to see how I like being up there in the peds floor.  I’m looking forward to it.  I bought a pack of stickers and I’m armed and dangerous.  😀  Now watch, my patient will end up being 18.  HA!


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